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Long-term Disability Insurance or Long Term Care Insurance: Which is Best for You? It’s easy to confuse long-term disability insurance with long-term care insurance. But who can blame you? These types of insurance sound much like synonyms or the work of a practical joker with a PhD in linguistics. READ MORE >>

Coping with Stress Following a Traumatic Incident By initiating fear and feelings of helplessness in people, terrorism negatively affects society. When attacks happen, everyone tries to find ways to deal with the panic, trauma and stress. READ MORE >>

Health Care Apps For Your Mobile Phone There are two things people take with them wherever they go: Their health, and their mobile devices. The health care industry knows this, of course - and the last few years have seen an explosion of innovation when it comes to mobile health-related technology and its applicability to smartphones and tablet devices. READ MORE >>

How would you protect yourself against the recovery cost an unexpected illness or injury?   In case of an accident or illness that results in a short stay in a Hospital, Nursing Home or Rehabilitation facility or for care in an Adult Daycare or for Home Health Care, a Short Term Care policy can help protect your financial future. READ MORE >>

The Insurance Information Institute reminded Americans during Insurance Awareness Month to keep clean policy records and to know where they are located. When people die, it is not uncommon for their life insurance benefits to remain unclaimed because of beneficiaries not knowing about the existence of a policy. READ MORE >>

Why Regular Exercise is Important for Adults Over the Age of 50   As people age, it is more important for them to maintain an active lifestyle.  Exercising regularly will help boost energy, promote independence and limit pain and illnesses.  In some cases, exercise may even help reverse some of the symptoms associated with aging. READ MORE >>

Let's be honest: insurance is one of those decisions you have to get right.  But figuring out how much coverage you need, which coverages you need, what discounts you qualify for, getting a good price-none of this is easy if you're trying to do it all alone, or talking to a faceless voice on the phone. READ MORE >>

You've heard it before- "A man's home is his castle'_ and, in just as many cased, "A woman's home is her castle" too!  If you happen to be like most people, your home is probably your most prized and valuable possession. READ MORE >>

Life insurance is all about protecting your family.  For many small business owners, family also includes your employees.  You may already protect them with health insurance and other benefits, but what about life insurance?  What would happen to your employees' families in case of the worst? READ MORE >>

What do you really know about insurance?  Do you fully understand why you have insurance, and how it's supposed to work?  When, or if, you read your policy, do you understand what it means?  Are you familiar with insurance law?  If you're like most people, you answered no to these questions. READ MORE >>

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